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Basic Computer Training

Need basic computer training? Want to learn how to setup a computer? Not sure what plugs into what, or even how to turn it on? Basic computer training is for you.

Navigating Windows 8

Having difficulty navigating the Windows 8 operating system? Want to know what happened to the Start Menu, and how to find your programs and data? Dont feel alone. The Windows 8 user interface is significantly different from all previous Windows versions and is causing confusion for many people.

Migrating from Windows XP

Still using Windows XP and want to learn how to upgrade to a newer operating system? This training is for you.

Basic Word Processing

Unsure how to use a word processor or having difficulty achieving the desired results? We can help.

Basic Spreadsheet Use

Unsure how to use a spreadsheet application or having difficulty achieving the desired results? We can help.

Sending & Receiving Emails

Want to learn the basics of sending and receiving emails? Do you have friends and family hassling you to contact them via email but unsure where to start? We can help.

Basic Photo Editing

Want to learn how to edit your pictures? Need to be able to resize pictures to send them via email or make them small enough to show your friends? Want to learn how to crop, adjust, or refinish your photographs? A Complete IT technician can help you!

How to Backup Your Files

Backing up your critical data is one of the most important things you should learn. Too many people store all of their precious memories on their computer only to lose them all when it fails. A Complete IT technician can show you how to perform ongoing backups to ensure you dont become a statistic.

Navigating the Internet

Confused by the modern internet revolution? Having trouble navigating the internet or understanding where to go and how to find what you are looking for? Not even sure what the internet is? A Complete IT technician can answer all of your questions and provide you with the knowledge you need to become an internet PRO!

How to Maintain Your Computer

Maintaining your computer is an ongoing process. Like cars need to be serviced, computers do too. A Complete IT technician can give you a step-by-step run down on how to maintain your computer to keep it performing in top condition.

Wireless Networking

With so many devices wirelessly connecting to the internet or home network, it can become confusing. The popularity of wireless networking has grown exponentially and with it so has the number of protocols, standards, and devices. A Complete IT technician can help you understand the wireless networking world - allowing you to connect smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and printers.

Using Social Media

Confused by all the social media jargon? Not sure what a 'tweet' is or what it means to 'like' something? We can help. The popularity of social media is growing so quickly that it is hard to keep up. Call us today to have a Complete IT technician help you understand the social media world and have you 'tweeting' in no time.

Training For Pensioners

Have you been left behind by the technology age? Find it difficult to understand all the modern terminology? Do you find yourself being left out by friends and family because you don't know how to Skype or send an email? Maybe the thought of using a computer is too overwhelming? Call us today to have a Complete IT training specialist help you navigate the minefield that is modern technology.

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